snowboarder doing a grab

Signature Events

Lil' Tweakers

Riders spin the Crab Grab Wheel of Grabs and go for maximum style on all types of grabs, from indy to truck-driver in this laid back mini-jump event for snowboarders, 14 & under. Loon team riders and sponsors are on-hand to demonstrate new grabs and give tips on tweakage. There are an array of awards for Best She-Tweaker and Lil'est Tweaker but only the Raddest Tweaker will grab the free session to High Cascade Snowboard Camp!

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LAST CALL with Eastern Boarder

The East Coast's largest and longest-running snowboard contest is held here at Loon. Over the last decade, riders like Pat Moore, Chas Guldemond, Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Bode Merril, Mike Ravelson and Johnny O'Connor have all cut their teeth on the innovative features that the park staff creates here every March. Last Call has been called "the greatest snowboarding event on the planet", don't miss it.

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Street Cred

With the help of Red Bull, never-before-seen, street-style features are being fabricated here at Loon in order to create a totally unique course inspired by urban snowboarding missions. Taking place in every April, Street Cred brings the streets to the mountain, and only the most creative riders will earn their cred. Cold hard cash is up for grabs in a cash-for-tricks format to reward those who push the limits.

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