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Terrain Parks / Burton Learn To Ride


There is always something new to try, that’s one of the joys of snowboarding. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to link your first turns on a mellow learning slope, thread a needle through a tight, powdery glade or start adding some style in the park – progression is always available to you.

Learn2RideLogo LEARN TO RIDE
LTR Programs are focued on managable groups within an environment best suited for the task at hand...learning to ride.  Whether that means first turns or getting an extra routation in the mix, they break it down one step at a time, and focus on individual learning styles for the best personalized experience.
LTR Centers feature equipment designed to flex a little easier, slide a little smoother, and generally give you the best chance of linking turns as soon as possible.  The kid's product is specially designed with the little ones in mind - with catch-free edges, Velcro boots for ease, adn bindings a small mitt-covered hand can manage.  Throw a Riglet towing accessory on the smallest boards, and no child is left behind.
ProgressionLogo PROGRESSION
No one needs to clear a 50 foot feature on their first jump.  Nor does your first rail need to have a few kinks as it sits atop a staircase.  Start easy, or as it's said in Smart Style:  Easy Style It.  Progression Parks are designed to let riders increase their comfort level with features slowly progressing in size and difficulty.  You're never too old to try.

Since there’s no magic pill to get you riding, it’s gonna take a little effort and patience. But what is magic is the moment it all comes together, the moment you understand what it means to be a snowboarder. Yes, you’re going to fall along the way (if you’re not, you aren’t trying hard enough), but that’s part of the fun! Loon offers the best in LTR programs, equipment, and facilities.

-Learn To Ride / Adult
-Learn To Ride / Freestyle
-Learn To Ride / Kids
-Burton Progression Park area

We’ll see you on the mountain! Live Free & Ride!

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