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Seasonal lockers are available on a first come, first-served basis. Availability is limited, so don't delay!

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Ski & Snowboard Seasonal Lockers

Reserve a seasonal locker at Loon, and your days of lugging heavy gear through the parking lot will be over.

2017-18 Seasonal Ski & Snowboard Equipment Lockers

Lockers are available in three sizes and in three locations around the mountain. Not all sizes are available in all locations. Lockers are rented yearly on a first-come, first-served basis, and there is a waiting list. Once a locker is rented, that person has the right of first refusal on the same locker for the following winter season.

Seasonal Locker Locations

Seasonal Lockers Room - East Base Octagon Lodge Area

  • Located beneath the Octagon Lodge
  • Usually has greatest availability
  • Coded entrance
  • Public restroom nearby
  • Large lockers: $565
  • Medium lockers: $499
  • Small lockers: $425

Seasonal Lockers Room - East Base Development Team Bldg.

  • Located above the Development Team building in the Octagon base area
  • Desirable for participants in Loon's Development Team program
  • Large lockers: $590
  • Medium lockers: $540

Seasonal Lockers Room - Competition Ctr., West Base Area

  • Located beneath the Competition Center
  • Desirable for those involved with the Loon Race/Frestyle Teams or Children's Center programs
  • Coded entrance
  • Public restroom nearby
  • Large lockers only: $590