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Have a question about your group outing? You may find the answer, below. If you don't find the answer you need, please call us toll-free at 1-877-DAY-GROUP (329-4768) 

  1. If I have 10 skiers, 7 snowboarders and 3 people who want to go snow tubing, do I still qualify for group rates?
    Of course! Any group of 20 people per day enjoying one of the many snowsports opportunities qualifies for group rates.

  2. Not everyone is renting equipment; do we still receive the rental discount?

  3. What does a rental package consist of?
    Ski packages include skis, boots and poles. Snowboard packages include boots and board.

  4. Some people don't want to buy lunch coupons. Can I just purchase a few, or does everyone have to buy one?
    You can purchase as many as you would like -  whatever works for your group.

  5. Where do I pick up my tickets?
    Tickets are available at the Governor's Lodge Ticket area.  Go across the entrance bridge, lined with flags. At the end of the bridge,  turn right. The Governor's Lodge is on your left, next to the Kancamagus Quad chairlift. There is a Group Sales sign outside the ticketing area.

  6. How do I get to the resort?
    Directions to Loon are available online.

  7. Can I arrange lodging through the sales office?
    Loon has many options: Loon lodging options.

  8. What dining options are there?
    There are many different dining options at Loon: Loon dining options.

  9. How are the number of complimentary tickets we will receive determined?
    Divide the number of people buying tickets by 21 to determine the number of complimentary tickets for which you are eligible. Youth groups should divide by 11.

  10. Can I get my tickets ahead of time?
    Actually, this is a great idea. If you know exactly what you will need, we can FedEx your tickets and other coupons to you ahead of your arrival, saving you time when you get here. We do require full payment of the value of tickets before we send them to you.