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Terrain Parks / Terrain Parks Journal


The final weekend is upon us!!  Main Park and the Superpipe are still soft and fun.  Get up here and shred one last time, if you don't you'll be wishing you had till next November.


Street Cred is tomorrow!  Open to all snowboarders and FREE with a valid lift ticket or season pass.  What will this years course bring?  You'll have to get up here and see it yourself.


Looks like we have an amazing week on tap...temps in the upper 40's to mid 50's.  Come get some spring riding in!  Street Cred is Sunday the 13th!!!


Spring may finally be here!  Be sure to get up here and enjoy the parks...there's nothing better then spring park riding!  Neff Beach Bash is next Saturday!! 


Wow!  More POW fell this past week!  The mountain is awesome right now and the parks are so fun!! The crew from ThirtyTwo will be here for the next few days.  Stop by the 32TF to say what's up!


This years Last Call was a blast, we hope you where there!!  If not there's always next year so mark that calendar 3/16/14.  The parks are dialed come have some fun!!  Spring is slowly kicking into gear, looks like a little snow tonight and then temps in the mid to upper 30's for the rest of the week. 


POW!  It's been snowing like crazy!  Main Park is closed today and will reopen tomorrow (Friday).  However, the bottom section will remain closed to build the Last Call course.  Have fun out there!!


Snow is in the forecast once again so you may want to be up here later in the week for some POW!  In other news, here's a heads up.  Bottom portion of the Main Park will be CLOSED starting this Thursday.  We start building for Last Call which will be held on Monday the should come check it out!


March is here!  If you think things are good now, just remeber...warm weather is right around the corner.  Look for some new jibs on the hill soon. 


The parks are ready for you...get up here and get after it.  Weather looks pretty good this week!  See you out there!


Just a heads up gang!  The superpipe will be closed most of the day tomorrow (Saturday) for a USASA competition.  It will open back up to everyone as soon as the event has ended!  Get Rad!


WOW...over 30inches in 7 days!  Fluorescent Nights starts Wednesday...3hrs of night riding Wednesday, Thursday, Friday temps look to be in the mid 20's should be a good time!! New Hampshires only Superpipe is also open come rip it.


Happy POW day!!  Saying the conditions are amazing is an just have to check it out for yourself!  Parks are dialed, Lil' Stash is epic right now!  Come shred. 


Main Park is in full swing!  All the parks are dialed...our crew continues to push on the Superpipe!  The conditions are great right now and it sounds like more snow is on the way this week!!! 


We are burning the midnight oil to pump out more features for you!  Look for new jumps, jibs, and the superpipe to come on line in the Main Park this coming week!! 


Happy New Year!!  We have started the new year off in style...Springboard Park opened today!  Come check it out for yourself...oh did I mention that there is serious pow in the forcast!


Happy Holidays to all!  Snowmaking temps are back, so Springboard is fired up again...we hope to be pushing in there soon.  Mother Nature just stopped by with several inches of fresh pow!! Get up here and shred it's super fun right now!


Tis' the holiday season!  Snowmaking temps come back tomorrow night...look for more features soon.  Till then come treat yourself to the top of the Main Park it's pretty dialed right now!


The top of the Main Park is open!  Conditions are unreal so come get some!!


It's been cold and our snowmakers have been working like Mad Men!!  The snow is piling up so look for some more features soon.  Till then enjoy the Top Secret Park spots and the winter storm that is about to roll in!


Good news we are pushing out the main park for riding...and it's just barely December!  No features just yet, but that batch of snowmaking puts us one step closer to getting that place built out with radness!!  Temps return this weekend and the word is that the guns in the main park are going back on.


Cease & Desist was off the hook!  Thanks to everyone who came out and made it memorable.  The setup from the event will be up for a while so come shred it!!


Cease & Desist is tonight!  Come check it out or show us your skills to win some fresh prizes!


Cease & Desist, under-the-lights rail jam, is happening Saturday night! Freeskiers and snowboarders unite for this annual early season event packed with a live DJ, cash prizes and more.


We plan to reopen this Friday the 15th with top to bottom skiing and riding.  With any luck we will have some features for you to get tricky on...stay tuned!


Opening day is just around the corner are you ready!?  Make sure to mark Nov. 30th on your calendar...Cease & Desist is going to be sweet this year.


Jib refurb is in full swing up at the Shaping Shack.  Winter is approaching fast...heavy frost this morning!!  Can't wait!


Summer is in full swing!  Have some fun out there and don't forget your sunscreen.


Superpark continues to go off.  Check for the latest videos of our supersized park features!!


We are out at Superpark 17!  Check out the live webcast on, tomorrow at 4:30.  Loon superbooter is the feature of the day!!


Thank you for a great season!  As always we had a blast keeping things dialed for you...and we hope you had fun riding it all!  If you're down with our parks you can vote for Loon in the Resort Poll on!!!!


The last weekend is upon us!  Get up here and get your last turns in!  Street Cred is Sunday...major cash up for grabs!!  Springboard and the Main Park are still packed with features, come get it.


NEFF BEACH BASH this Saturday!  Get your hommies together and get on up here.  Reg is at the Bunyan Room from 9:00-10:30.  The Bash will be held on Little Sister...check it!  Not into comps...Springboard and the Main Park are still packed with jumps and jibs!


The snow is awesome right now come enjoy the spring park conditions!  Women's Droppin' In is going down this weekend keep your eyes open for all the Oakley pros that are in town like Gretchen Bleiler and Grete Eliassen.


Last Call was amazing...check out some of the action on!  Next up is Flaunt It, the crew is up in the middle of the main park prepping the Slopestyle course for that right now.  All you ladies will have one heck of a dialed course!  Come check it out.


Last Call is upon us!  Get your crew together and come watch some good ol' fashion snowboarding!!  If you're trying to get in on the action get here early...registration is from 8:30 - 10:00.


HEADS UP!  The very bottom of the Main Park will be closed starting Thursday to prep for Last Call.  That means the last two jumps to the wall ride are closed.  Everything else is dialed adn ready for you!!


Warm days are upon us!  Spring is just around the corner and this weekend is looking pretty fantastic.  Come ride...there's going to be sun, fun, and the ThirtyTwo team is in town!


Main Park will be closed tomorrow...major revamp to a bunch of the jib set ups.  Weather is looking pretty sweet, come get some!! 


In case you haven't heard...we've been getting snow on a regular basis lately!  Conditions are awesome and we've been rebuilding a ton of features...come check out the new set ups.  2 Plank 2 The Bank is this weekend, that means the bottom of the Main Park will be closed on Friday to build and Sunday for the event. 


You should get up here!  The parks are dialed and the rest of the week is shaping up quite nicely weather wise!  More snow is coming tomorrow afternoon, and Fluorescent Nights is this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!! Come ride.


If you were here this weekend you scored some serious pow turns...give yourself a high five!  If you missed it don't worry we have snow forecasted for today and the week looks superb!  Lil' Tweakers is going down this coming Saturday, tons of prizes for all you snowboarding groms!


There's a storm brewing!  The possibility for face shots is extremely high on Saturday...come get some!!  Also, Video Games is going down on Saturday, get your team together.


The first King of the East contest is in the books!  No one was Better Than Ezra...Ezra Racine that is.  Nice work man!  Snowflakes are flying, parks are crisp, and the weather looks great come have some fun!!


It's all good.  All the parks are open and filled to the brim.  Not to mention all the fresh snow that is making the conditions fantastic.  Come ENJOY!


It's done...Main Park is open top to bottom!! Burton Progression Park will open on Saturday, and all the other parks are super fun right now. Check out the Big Air Bag, tickets are just $15 a day. Also on tap for this weekend...fireworks on saturday night...don't miss it!!


We are back in the bottom of the main park pushing away.  Springboard park is complete and super fun, top half of the main park is dialed, and the Superpipe is riding really well!  We plan to open the Big Air Bag this Saturday, make sure you have your PEEPs'll need it to use the bag.  We also have plans in the works for something near Grand Junction...Looks like it's going to be a good weekend!!


We are working night and day right now!  Springboard will open later this week with a ton of new features...stay tuned.  The main park is packed with jumps and jibs to the midway point, then you'll find some natural style jumps to hit on your way down to the Superpipe!


FYI... The Main Park will be CLOSED on Wednesday Jan 2 so we can finish building the top section of the park.  It should re-open in prime condition the following day.  Have A Good New Year and dont forget to look before you leap!


POW POW POW!! It's everywhere and there is more coming this weekend. Come enjoy yourself you deserve it!


Big weekend!  Top of the main park opened today, Riglet Park opens tomorrow, and the Lil Stash opens on Sunday!  Stop by for the grand openings at 10am each day!  Get up here and enjoy.


We are making snow around the clock in the parks.  Because of that, Springboard is temporarily closed.  We do have some Top Secret Parks open so until Saturday when Springboard reopens come search and destroy.


Springboard is open with 6 jibs and the Governor's Park is still rocking as well.  We have some warm weather the next coulpe days so come get some soft turns in.  Cold temps return later in the week, so look for snowmaking to come back on then! 


Governor's Park will be getting a facelift on Thursday afternoon.  We will be rearranging jibs and creating the setup for Cease & Desist.  Come compete or just check it ONLY is Friday night and snowboard ONLY is Saturday night.  Both events start at 5:30...and the bar will be open for all you 21+ people!


WE ARE OPEN!!  There are a few features in the ground on the Governor's Lodge side of the resort.  Come have some fun!


Snowmaking goes on tonight!  Keep your fingers crossed for some cold nights...maybe cross your toes too just to make sure!  If Old Man Winter cooperates we'll have features up this weekend!! 


It's official, we now can be followed on Facebook!  Check us out at


Happy Halloween!  New jib construction is going great, look for some creative new jibs this winter.  Remember you can follow us on Instagram   @loonparksnh


Fall is flying won't be long before we are on hill getting fresh tracks!!  Did you get your gear all set?  Did you get your New England pass yet?!  Jib maintenance is in full effect...we will have one big suprise for you in the main park.  If you follow us on Instagram you may have an idea already. @loonparksnh


Jib maintenance is going great, all the jibs are getting worked through...a little steel wool and grinding, some fresh paint, shiny new lexan on some box features...things are all looking sweet!!  Check it out on Instagram @loonparksnh


Hey campers...your favorite Loon Creeper Ledge is set up at HCSC for the summer!  Photo contest on Instagram.  Chance to win a 2012/13 Gold NE Pass!  Just get the shot on the ledge!  Post your photo using @loonparksnh @highcascade and #loonHCSC.  The photo with the most likes wins.  Must be attending camp, no jacking other peoples photos, winner picked Sept. 1st.


Check out Battle of the Brands on Snowboarder Magazine's Facebook page.  You'll get to see some sick snowboarding and some insane features...some of which were built by your favorite park crew!


Superpark 16 was pretty amazing.  The features where huge and the riders went off!  Make sure you scope the videos at, their Superpark video contest will start in a couple weeks. 


Superpark has begun!  Check out the supersized features we've build at!!  You can also follow our adventure on Instagram...loonparksnh.


The season maybe over here in the east, but our park staff is heading to Mt. Bachelor this weekend to build features for Snowboarder Magazines Superpark 16!  You can follow our crews trip on Instagram...checkout loonparksnh to see what they're up to!!


4:00 PM EST... The park and mountain is closed for the season.  We wanted to thank all our partners, sponsors, and most of all YOU for the great season.  Have a great summer and see you next year.  Don’t forget 2012-13 season passes are already on sale.


We lied... Well kinda.  The main park has been torn apart but the Signature Sessions set up remains.  8 jibs from 8 of our favorite partners.  Come hang out on Tuesday and enjoy the last day of boardin at Loon for the season.


Today is the final day for park riding at Loon.  Its been a great season in the parks and we hope you enjoyed yourself.  Don’t miss out on the final park riding of the season.


YES, we are still open, and YES you can still get full park laps in. Loon Mtn Park is fully loaded with features for your enjoyment!! Signature Sessions is this Saturday the 7th, come compete for some serious prizes.


High five to all the ladies that come out for Women's Droppin In, it was a blast!  We'd like to thank all the Oakley pros for coming out and help making this possible...MFR, Chanelle, Gretchen, Kristi, Silvia, Christine, Ellery, Eva, and Mary thank you! 
Yes, guys.....if you weren't here this past weekend, you blew it.  Next up for events is Street Cred, we've teamed up with Red Bull, Forum, and Oakley to create one crazy street course.  Come compete for 2k in cash.


Dang it's nice out!  Come ride and work on that goggle tan...which shouldn't be hard with all the abundant sun and temps in the 60's.  On the news front...we have a new snowboard event called Street Cred on March 31st, $2k plus up for grabs!!  More details on the course coming soon...big thanks to Red Bull for the support.


Spring is here!  If you missed Last Call you blow it...blazing sun, slushy snow, next level riding!  Props to Nick Doucette and Joanna Dzierzawski for charging it all day.  Bottom of the main park will be closed this weekend for Snowboarder Mags Superpass and 2 Plank 2 The Bank.


Can you say all time!?  That's how the conditions have been...get up here and get some.  Congrats to Credo for winning the 10th and final Shop Showdown!  In other news the bottom of the main park will be closed starting Thursday to build for Last Call. 


Snow is in the forecast for Thursday, so get up here for some pow shots!!  In other news, the 10th and final Shop Showdown will be held this coming Sunday.  Get your shop team together and come have some fun!


Fluorescent Nights is just one day way!  Three nights of park riding under the lights on Little Sister.  $20/night or $15/night with your PEEPs pass.  The Big Air Bag will be open each night for $10 and Thrusday night is free!


Fresh snow, awesome conditions, amazing parks, great events.  It's going to be a good week.  Come prove us wrong.  You won't.


The parks are prime time right now!  Come see for yourself.  StepChild Rail Jam tomorrow, check the event page for details.  If you're practice some maneuvers come hit the air bag!


A day for lovers.  Park lovers, that is. 


Worth the wait.  Main park is top to bottom.  The kickers are nice.


This are getting awesome up here!  10 inches of snow in the last week and the weather man is calling for mostly sunny skies this's gonna be fun!!


The Stunt Ditch is OPEN!  Yup that's right, if you have a craving to ride Superpipe Loon is your next stop.  We have the only one you'll find East of the VT/NH state line!  The BPP is also ready to rock!  Come have some fun!!


Keep your eye on the report.  Both the U-Jump and the Burton Park are nearly complete.


Top of the Main Park is Open with a new look.  The park is set up different than it ever has been before.  Come check it out.


Sorry for the lack of updates.  We have been busy on all fronts.  New stuff is on the horizon.  Cant wait?  come check out the NEW Spingboard park.


Springboard Park is now open.  Set up is on point.  Come check it out.


Loon Mtn Park is open with a four pack of jumps...more features coming soon.  We are just waiting on cold temps to return after the weekend.  That makes over 2 dozen park featuers for you to get wicked in!!  For now come up and get some air time!   


Temps keep getting better and with the cold weather...comes more features.  Springboard opened today with some features for your enjoyment!  More to come after another round of snowmaking.  Come this weekend we will have some jump features in the main park, that gives you 5 spots to get wicked in!!


Happy Holidays.  We now have three parks up and running with a variety of jibs and jumps.  We are also pumping snow in both the medium park and the main park.  One if not both of those will be coming at you soon.


New DROPLINE Park opens Friday morning with with more jibs and one wicked kicka.  The 7 Brothers park is still sharp and 4 features deep.  Plus be on the look out for another park in the base area coming soon. 


It getting cold out!  Snowmaking will be firing up shortly and one of the trails we are going to is our NEW Dropline Park!  As long as it stays cold we should have that park online some time next week, stay tuned for a firmer date.  Till then enjoy the 2 Top Secret parks! 


More features as of 9 am Tuesday morning.  They shouldn’t be hard to find.  See you out there.


Snowmaking goes back on tonight!  Which will hopefully result in more park features for the weekend.  For now enjoy the jump and jibs in the Sunset Park!  Stay tuned.


Good snowmaking temps and the guns were blazing again last night.  Won't be long before we get some more parks up on the hill.  For now the park on sunset is still up and looking good.  Stay posted.


It's felt like spring riding out there the last few days.  But no worries winter is returning over the next couple nights, so we will start pumping out some snow shortly.  The park on Sunset is getting a little revamp tomorrow.  Keep it real!


Thanks go out to everyone who came out for CEASE & DESIST...the event was a banger!  We saw some pretty serious trickery going down for opening weekend.  Look for more features to pop up on the hill for next weekend.


CEASE & DESIST UPDATE.  Ski side of Cease & Desist has been moved to Saturday.  Snowboard remains Saturday Night.  Check the events page for full details.  BONUS!! Jibs on Sunset for Wednesday morning.


We are open!  Look for jibs very soon...the guys are out on the hill right now doing some space recon!  Cease & Destist is this coming weekend.  Stay tuned!


Opening day is coming...Nov. 24th!  Eat some turkey and then come get some turns in.  Cease & Desist is Nov. 25th (ski) & 26th (ride)!!


Yes that's right it snowed the other day!!  Won't be long know before you're shredding your favorite run.  The dudes are working away at the Shaping Shack to get things ready for opening day!  Cease & Desist is Nov. 25th & 26th!!


The cold weather is coming.....there's even a rumor about snow toward the end of the week!  It won't be long now before opening day!  In the meantime we hope you're checking out the edits of Parkwork Orange.  Peep them at


Be on the look out...our new park movie Parkwork Orange is coming to you computer screens soon!  Also, mark your calendar...Cease & Desist is Nov. 25th & 26th!!


What is up?!  We hope you're summer is going well...things are starting to pick up here.  Last week we dropped the trees in Missing Link to make a new home for the Burton Progression Park!  That project is really starting to move along nicely...peep the photos on the refresh!!!  Jib maintenance is starting super soon.  Stay cool.... 


The snow is now melting away, and summer camps will be starting soon!  Thanks again for a great season.  If you had a blast with us this season let us know...Transworld's Resort poll is up on their website, go vote!


Thanks for the amazing season.  You guys looked GREAT out there.  We will see you at summer camp and don't forget to buy your season pass for next year.


LAST WEEKEND!!!  Going out with a bang.  The main park is still fully open and in great shape.  Make sure you get up here one last time.


Little sister is closed but the main park is still in good shape.  We plan to keep things rolling till the end.  See you here.


More Sunny Skies.  Signature Sessions is Sunday.  7 Sponsors, 7 Prize Packs, Up to 7 Winner's.  PLUS... the overall winner is getting next year's season pass.


Blue bird skies today!  Conditions are awesome right now...and the 17th is quickly approaching.  That means get up here and shred park before it's too late!  The weather is suppose to be perfect this weekend; sun, spring snow, temps in the high 50's, Signature Session, and 80's Day...what more could you ask for?!!


Shop Showdown was awesome!  The dudes from Credo held it down all day...even with their greased up Jersey Shore costumes!  The snow is still here, and there might be more on the way this friday.  So get up here and shred!!  Don't forget about 80's Day and Signature Sessions....the last two events of the season.


Shop Showdown is Sunday!!!  Come enjoy the mid winter conditions at the end of March.  The riding is amazing right now.


Last Call was sick...snowy but sick!  Big ups to Merrick Joyce and Michaela Aaronson this seasons winners!  Come shred conditions are great right now.  2 Plank To The Bank is this Sunday, should be good!


The bottom section of the main park will be closed for the next week.  Last Call build starts Saturday and Last Call is Wednesday.  Two Plank To The Bank is next Sunday.


Sorry for the lack of updates.  It was  long two weeks here full of action.  Soft snow means great park riding.  Come ride while the snow is GOOD.  Last Call is next week.


Fluorescent nights for two more night.  Night POW turns.  Don’t forget to come check out the Hard Days Night wallride event next Tuesday Night.


Get your night moves on.  Fluorescent Nights is this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Come night shred on the Little Sister Park.


Great snow conditions and we keep changing up the park to keep it fresh.  Come get some.  Don't forget Fluorescent Nights is coming up.


It's that time of the season.  We are stepping up our game.  The big jump line got a face lift and the Red Bull Butter Cup features are going in tomorrow.  See you here this weekend.


More POW yesterday!!  It's ridiculously amazing have to check out Runaway Park.  Red Bull Butter Cup Series is here this Saturday.  Come compete for great prizes and guzzle some energy.


Top of the park is looking good with the new set up and the conditions couldn’t be better.  See you here.


Unless you've been living under a rock you know we have been getting dumped on!  The snow is unreal right now come get after it!  All this snow has forced us to dig today the top of the main park is CLOSED, and tomorrow the bottom half will be closed to take jibs out and tune the place up!


Drum roll please........Burton Progression and Little Sister parks are now open for business!!  There are a couple sweet jumps and some really fun jib features in the Little Sister park, definitely check it out.  In other good news, it's dumping snow right now...and there's more on the way for tomorrow, a lot more!  Conditions are going to be epic, so get up here and eat some pow!


We are building the Little Sister park tomorrow so the Burton Park will be closed all day.  Little Sister should be open by Wednesday.


NEW Jibs going in tonight.  Come check it out.


Do you have your PEEPs pass?  You can win some pretty radical stuff and get some great discounts on events and retail!  On another note Brookway Extension Park is officially open for business.  We have some fun jib features set up in there, go check it out!!


New jibs in the middle of the main park are real fun.  Try your luck on a double box boardslide?  The top section of the main park will be closed all weekend for events but you can still get in through the 7 Brothers entrance.


Burton Progression Park is open and ready for some progression sessions.  The Little Sister Park will be opening next weekend.


Building the Burton Park and the Little Sister park as you read this.  Check back for opening dates.


In the process of changing some stuff up in the main park.  Parts of the park will be closed periodically for the rest of the week.  We are keeping as much open as we can.


Spring like conditions are making park laps the priority.  The main park jump line is on point and the stair set is opening soon.


Here's our New Year's Resolution... Open the main park all the way TODAY.  Have Fun.


USASA Rail Jam under the lights tonight 12.29.  See you here


Freshies... The pipe is getting cut again tonight and we are still working on the bottom of the park.  Looking good right now.  Come get some


Superpipe was cut again tonight and now its really in prime shape.  Plus we have been working hard in the Main Park and will have even more to open up Christmas Day. 


Whatever you call it...Superpipe, Stunt ditch, U-jump, Dude-tube...ITS OPEN!  New England's only Superpipe is right here at Loon!  Also, the top of Loon Mountain Park is open as well...more features coming soon!


The main park will be closed until further notice.  The good news is that it will be closed because we are working on finishing the top section up for this weekend.  You might even get an early Xmas gift if you have been good.


Top of the park will open at the seven brothers entrance at 10 am sharp on Saturday.  Funday in the Park kicks off at noon.  Show up and ride.  We have tons of stuff to give away.


We are building both the superpipe and the top of the main park right NOW!  The plan is to have the top of the Main Park open as soon as possible and some new features for "Funday In The Park" and the pipe for Xmas.


Middle Flying Fox Park got a feature facelift Monday's now sporting a pole jam and a couple jump features!  Bear Pause Park is looking good too...4 jib features super fun!  Also, we are making snow in the main park!  Hopefully we will have some snow for features in there soon, stay tuned!


We set up two new parks last night!  Go make some hot laps up the North Peak Chair.  We have 6 features waiting for you...more coming soon.  Come check us out.


Cease and Desist was sick.  Thanks to everyone that showed up and all the sponsors, Oakley, Special Blend, Forum, and Hungry Man Dinners.  The set up will be up thru Thursday.


The mini park in the west will be closed all day Saturday for Cease and Desist.  It will open again on Sunday.  But good news is Loon will be open top to bottom for Friday.  Happy Turkey Day.


Loon opens Tuesday and we have 3 jibs set up over in front of the Governors Lodge just for you!  Cease & Desist (Ski) has been moved back to Saturday 27th.  Reg. starts @ noon and the event begins at 1:30.  The snowboard event is still scheduled for a 3pm reg and a 5pm start.


Loon is opening sooner than you think.  Keep posted to the website for the official opening date.  While your waiting come pick up your season pass and don't forget your PEEP's Pass.


Still more jibs being released and even more still being built.  Plus, keep an eye out for a new photo gallery from the Runaway Park Project.


New jib photos every couple days.  Get Pumped.  See you all in Portsmouth Saturday night at the Forum Premier.  Loon will be there handing out some nice goodies.


Keep posted to the main site to get a sneak peak at all the new jibs we have.  And go buy your season pass now.


Soon rain will be snow.  The first frost of the season was this morning with temps almost cold enough to fire up the snow guns.  We are still in full scale production mode fixing up old jibs and still building new ones with the total new jib count nearing 20 features.  Get your season passes now.


Still building jibs.  Plus, we are nailing down the evnt schedule for this winter.  We have three really cool new events planned and still more coming.


We are not trying to give way all the surprises we have in store for you next season but... check out the hero images and scope out some of the new jibs we have been creating all summer.


We have been working 7 days a week on reviving some old jibs and building new ones.  The last batch came out just swell.  The new jib count is up to 10.


Just finished clearing a bunch of new jibs of the deck.  Now we have the space to start on round two.  Our goal is fifteen new jibs by the time the mountain opens and we are all ready over 1/3 of the way there.


The last two weeks have been real productive.  We are cutting apart all the old jibs and making new ones.  We have some pretty cool stuff dropping next winter.  Pictures coming soon.


Superpark 14 was so sick!! Check out the action at  We'll start working on jibs pretty soon, there are some ridiculous ideas in our heads for next season!  Enjoy the summer!


Well we might be closed, but we've been working nearly around the clock building fun stuff at Superpark 14!  Go to to check out the photo and video updates.


It's all over.  The end of the season is here.  Hope it was as good for you as it was for us.  Don't forget, next year's season passes are all ready on sale.  See next season.


Well it had to end some time...Saturday the 10th is our last day of the season.  Saturday is also 80's day, wear your most radical flourescents gear and come enjoy the slush!


We havent given up yet.  The main park just got a complete overhaul and it may be the best its been all year.  Come check it out.


The Main Park is getting yet another face lift on Wednesday.  Therefore, some if not all of the park will be closed.  See you Thursday.


382 all weekend.


The Votes are in.  The build is on.  Last Call is Wednesday.  Take a ride up the gondola to get a good veiw of what we have going on.  You wont be disapointed.


Sunny Days.  Good Riding.  Make the end of the season count.  Update:  The last two jumps in the park will be closed for the Last Call Build starting Saturday.  Be here on the 24th.


Despite the heavy snow and wind Shop Showdown was a blast.  Thanks to everyone who made it out and congrats to the teams that won.  The rest of the week will be sunny and sick.  GET HERE.


Not to brag...but the parks have been on point!!  Shop Showdown is this weekend.  Come watch the old-timers show their stuff on Saturday and the young bucks get wicked on Sunday! 


Dang!!! It's so good out there.


Fun times for everyone!  All of the parks have been reworked just for you, come get some.  The park on Middle Flying Fox will be closed Friday through Sunday for the Women's Droppin In Weekend with Oakley.  Shop Showdown is on the 14th!!  


After two long days of shoveling we are near complition of the main park.  We rebuilt just about everything.  All new jibs, better jumps, and a fresh cut superpipe.  All opening mid day 3/3/10.  Have fun.


Heads Up... The Main Park is undergoing a makeover on Monday and Tuesday so it will be closed.  Be sure to come check out the new set up on Wednesday.


Crazy Weather.  Its pumping snow again.  Go explore the mountain.  There is no reason to be riding the park on a pow day.


Last week was hectic.  We want to thank everyone who came out for all the events.  Little Sister Park got completly overhauled and the Main Park's jump line got a face lift. All the parks are open now and lookin real good. 


Last night of Fluorescent Nights.  Come Get some on the last night.  Just $15.  Dont forget to come out for Van's Rail Rampage on Sunday.  Free to enter.


2 Nights left of Fluorescent Nights.  Come ride the Little Sister an Burton parks under the lights from 6-9.  Just $15 to ski or ride and free if you are a PSU student (just bring your ID).


Fluorescent Nights starts tonight!  3 nigths of park riding from 6-9 in the Burton Progression Park and Little Sister Park.  Tickets are $15 each night come have some fun! 


Thanks to everyone who came out to the last FunDay In The Park.  Dont forget to come up for Fluorescent Nights this Thur. Fri. Sat. night.  That's Right.  Night Park for just $15.  PSU students ride for free with a school ID.


FunDay In The Park is Sunday.  Don't miss the product toss blow out.  And while your on the site check out the bonus photo gallery from Snowboarder Magazines Super Session here at Loon. 


We just finished up rebuilding some jibs in the little sister park so come check it out.  The top part of the main park will be closed for a contest on Saturday.  The last "FunDay in The Park" is Sunday at the shaping shack, noon o'clock sharp.  Come score some product during the massive swag toss.


Big things to come.  Couple awsome events in the line up.  Fluorescent nights and Van's Rail Rampage are here soon and the final FunDay in the Park is this Sunday.  Stay tuned for more info.


Our dudes have worked up a couple new setups for the weekend.  Come check them out.  The very top of the main park will be closed on Saturday for the USASA Slopestyle event.  Don't worry...the rest of the main park, little sister, and Burton Progression Park are all open for business!


Sorry about the mess on the main page...should be fitted soon.  The snow is great right now, come make some turns!  Next event is this coming Saturday, a Slopestyle with USASA.


Free Flow Tour went off.  Thanks to everyone who came out and endured the cold weather.  The Park is looking better than ever.  Come easy style it.


Free Flow Tour this weekend.  Come join all the fun.  The top of the park will be closed for the slopestyle contest on Saturday and the halfpipe will be closed on Sunday.


Big ups to our boy Scotty Lago!!  He's bringing some NH flava to the Superpipe at the Olympics this February! proud


Main Park in primo shape, plus the Little Sister & Burton Parks open this weekend. Come check out all the new features - real sweet!


It's official....the SUPERPIPE IS OPEN!  The only 18' dude-tube in New Hampshire or Maine.  We worked some long days to get it open, so come enjoy it!


Snow is in the forecast!  Superpipe is getting built as you read should be open Tuesday or Wednesday next week.  For now enjoy the park features in the upper park, the Octagon base and on Seven Brothers.


Upper Loon Mountain Park is open!  Yes that is right we have 16 or so fantastic features for you to have some holiday fun on...please enjoy, but remember to Easy Style It.  Next up with the Superpipe, we started pushing for it today. 


Our new park education site (PEEPs) is up and running...check it out!  We are making snow at the Superpipe, on Little Sister, and in the main park right now!! Features coming soon.


First FUNday in the Park is this Saturday.  Super sweet setup is being build tomorrow!  Come enjoy our parks in Grand Junction and near the Mountain Club Hotel.  We started making snow on Little Sister hopefully we will be building a park over there early next week.


We area open and the snow is super sweet!  Right now we have two small parks up.  Ones in Grand Junction and the other is near the Mountain Club Hotel.  More coming soon!


Opening day is this Friday!  Cease & Desist is this coming Saturday, and Jibbing 4 Jacob will be on Sunday.  Come have some fun with us.


Opening day is this Sunday!  Oh yeah...thats right!  We kick off the event season with Jibbing 4 Jacob on December 13th....come support a great cause.


The good news is that Cease & Desist is going to be awesome...unfortunately you're going to have to wait till December 12th to get some awesomeness!!  Winter is playing hard to get right needless to say there's no white stuff to slide on.  Check out our events page for more info.


Cease & Desist is just one month away!!  Ski night Nov. 27th - riders Nov. 28th.  Our buddies in snowmaking have started setting up snow shredding is right around the corner!


Less than two months till Cease & Desist!!! It is shaping up to be the event of the fall.  All our friends will be there so get your buddies together and come hang!  Ski night Nov. 27th - riders Nov. 28th.  Good movies, cash prizes, and sweet gear for winners!  We've seen a little snow on the summit a couple morning lately....won't be long now! 


We hope you're enjoying the Wicked FUN! teaser!!  Cease & Desist is now just 3 months away!  We had a little frost last you might want to get your fun sticks ready.  Opening day will be here before you know it!


The Wicked Fun! teaser is up...check it out!  You'll be able to get the full length version this fall.  Don't's free, just keep your eyes open for a copy here at the resort and in a shop near you!  Don't forget to get your New England Pass.


Hope you're all enjoying your summer.  Cease and Desist is just 4 months away!  Check back soon for the teaser release of our new park movie...Wicked Fun!  The new flick will be out this fall, its got some super shredding in it.  Hopefully you'll find it entertaining.


Summer jib projects will soon be under way and man do we have some pretty awesome things planned!  For now enjoy the surfing, skating, and sunshine.....Cease and Desist (formerly known as Thanksjibbing or The Contest Formerly Known As...) is just 5 months away!!!


Some time off was nice.  Back to work.  We start jib projects soon.  Lots of cool stuff going down this summer.  Oh, by the way... Loon has been invited to build at Superpark.  So keep an eye out for that.


It's all over.  Thanks for the great season.  Have a fantastic summer.  Remember to buy your season pass for next season before rates go up.  See you at the top of tucks.


LAST DAY.  Its snowing and sunny.  Weird.  We spent some extra time on the hill last night cutting the pipe and rebuilding all the take-offs so the park would be premo for the last day.  Come enjoy the park on its last day with us.  See you out there.


The end is upon us but we haven’t given up on you guys yet.  We just added some pretty cool rail features on Little Sister for the last weekend.  Have fun.


Season is nearing it's end.  Be here or be Square.  That's right...I called you a SQUARE!  Despite the recent rain the snow is awesome and the park has plenty of good snow left!


The snow has been super fun!  We are wrapping up a couple photo shoots tomorrow and we'll have the main park back in action for this weekend.  Come get some!


Sorry for the lack of updates.  Still busy shoveling.  The Weekend With 382 went off despite the weather.  Thanks to everyone who showed up for the last two big contests of the season.  It's photo shoot season and the bottom of the main park will be closed for most of the week for a photo shoot and a park rebuild.


Last Call Is Tomorrow!  I heard a rumor that Chumbawamba is opening for Creed at the after party.  Should be sick.


Last Call build continues.  The bottom of the park remains closed. The weather looks stellar for the big day [3/25].  Don't miss it.  Lodging deals are available for that night at the Indian Head Hotel.  Just mention Last Call.


We start our build for Last Call this Saturday.  That means the bottom section of the main park will be closed  We will have snowcats operating in the bottom of the park so please don’t duck any ropes.  The Bottom section of the park will be closed till after Last Call.  Wednesday is the big day so come and ride.


Rep Showdown was awesome.  Wakeling killed it.  I don't think Nelson would have had a chance even if he did show up.  Shop Showdown was epic as well.  Team LaHouts took home the trophy for the first time.  Congrats.  I am sure it will be proudly displayed in the shop.  Go check it out.  This week should be spectacular.  Come hang with us... well not with us we will be salting and raking so its good for you. 


Soft snow today.  Sunny days ahead.  New rails on the hill.  Fun contests this weekend.  New hoodies are in.  Spring halfpipe sessions to be had.  Need I say more.


Conditions were sick this afternoon.  Spring is here.  Come get some.


Arriving today, the sun shining and the winds calm in comparison to last night, I knew my day could only get better. My first laps down the mountain revealed pristine groomers at my disposal, fit for face dragging pleasure. Arriving at the LMP after screaming through Flying Fox, I found the conditions to be unparalleled with each feature I attempted. Perfect lips, epic hips, honey dips and funny tricks were flowing from my body like water over rocks. Interested in similar sensations? Well come on up to Loon, and you never know what will happen! You will certainly be smiling more than when you arrived!


Main Event Finals were sick under the lights last night.  Everyone got extreme.  The mountain is in surprisingly good shape with all the rain and with another 6-10" of snow on the way for tonight into tomorrow its only gonna get better.  See you out there.


It's snowing all ready.  Come get some.


"Red Bull Butter Cup" TONIGHT.  It's free.  You can't afford not to come.  And don’t forget to check out the rail in the top of the main park.  This thing is legit.


Fluorescent Nights.  Come join the fun under the lights on the Little Sister Trail.  Not only is is night riding but its night park riding.  And Yes!  We groom it before we open for the night time session so everything is perfect.


Heck Yah!


Happy Valentines Day Ladies.  Today is Salomon Jib Academy and tomorrow is Open Season Finals.  This will be the last Open Season Event ever so come and ski/ride or at least come for the blowout product toss.  Plus all competitors are automatically entered into a prize raffle.


The conditions have been crazy good the past few days.  Yesterday may have been the best day of the season.  Sorry to everyone who came to ride the park yesterday.  We had to close the bottom jump line down for a photo shoot with OnBoard Magazine for 2 hours.  If you got to see any of the action, it was pretty heavy and with a man like Espen Lystad behind the lens they should have gotten some good stuff.  Come ride before vacation week starts.


Sorry for the lack of updates.  The supernet has been down for a while.  We have added a couple smaller features in the main park.  Come check them out.  The new "tree tappy spinny thingy" is super fun.  If it doesnt get chopped in half by the end of the season we will be disapointed in all of you.  So, do your part and chop away at it every run as you spin past it.  Good Luck.  Oh and there is still an outstanding challenge that no one has completed.  Read the past entries to find out more. 


Check out this link I found on the superweb.  After the Vans Mini-Cup.  The judges came up at night for a little boardin sesh.  The video is pretty OK.

1.29.09 [11:20pm]

Finishing touches on the park.  Come ride Friday.  Park looks sick and with all the new snow the landings will be fluffy.  See you out there.  -Management-


The Bat Wing and the new Up-set open tomorrow morning.  If you were here today you now what I am talking about but if you weren't... come find out.  Plus 10"-15" headed our way for tomorrow afternoon.  -Management-


Snowmaking has finished up in the Main Park and the massive push has begun.  Look for big things to come and stay tuned for updates on when it opens.



Final snowmaking assault on the main park has begun.  When snowmaking ends building begins.  look for the main park and mini pipe to be open soon.  And thanks to all the shops and guys from Nitro for coming out for Shop Day.


Parks, Parks, and more Parks.  Little Sister Park and the Burton Progression park are open for business.  With the fresh snow from yesterday both locations are primed and lookin sweet.  Don't forget about the challenge.


Dang its cold!  Challenge - Go Caballerial Dead Mans Cliff and earn yourself a fantastic prize from the park staff.  Of course you will need proof.  If you don't know what that is go do some research and if you don't know here it is ask your friends. -Management-


Vans Mini Cup couldn't have gone off any better.  The set up was sick and over 100 kids rolled up for the event.  Thanks go out to all that came to ride.  Just cause you missed the event doesn't mean you will miss the set up.  It's on hill and gonna be set up for a while. So come ride! -Management-


Vans Mini Cup this Saturday.  The guys just got off the hill for the night and the set up looks so sick.  Couple more things to put in tomorrow before the big day.  Best set up to date.  Oh and the stunt ditch got a major face lift over the past two days and should be premo when it opens. -Management-


Finishing my tasks here at Loon Mountain, how can I describe today's antics without the word EPIC!  Not only was the glorious sun shining down on us as we lapped the mountain, but the snow had made a conscious effort to return to it's former state of beauty.  Fit for face dragging carves and endless laughter, the park continues to grow feature by feature, with the addition of the new Flat-Up-Flat bar which is posted side by side with the LMP's infamous Down-Flat-Down rail.  Both waiting in anticipation of Loon's Local Lurker's technical trickery.  With the Vans Mini Cup approaching fast, you'll find our mustached park staff prepping the setup, with visions of organized chaos dancing in their heads!  Be here on January 10th to catch all the action.  Holla at your favorite hill. ---T.P.S.A


Happy New Year dudes and dudettes!  We are putting some more jibs in tonight....oh yeah!!  You've got to love new stuff.  Snow and sun are in the forecast for the up and coming days, so get up here and get some. Remember Vans Mini Cup is the 10th so come par-take in the festivities. 


Get out here and ride.  Its your last chance to boost some huge air this year.  See everyone at the Bunyan Room New Year's Party tonight.  Oh and don't forget to sign up for the Vans Mini Cup.


The Superpipe is OPEN, and it's the only one this side of the Hudson River!!  Shad is still working hard on it every night to get out a couple of little kinks, but it's a great ride!


The 3rd Annual ReLoonion went down yesterday.  No one got maced.  Tons of people showed for a grand ole time.  Thanks to everyone that made it here.  See you all next year on the 26th.


Top of the main park is open and fabulous.  Dude tube is coming shortly.


Stay Home.  That way there is more pow for us.  It's snowing like the inside of a snow globe after a little kid hopped up on Ritalin and Red Bull shook it.  No Friends On A Pow Day! -management-

12.20.08 afternoon update

Here is the latest.  Due to snowmaking needs we have stopped pushing the top section of the park and concentrated our efforts on the superpipe so we can get that to you sooner.  The park will not be far behind.


Its Still Snowing...  AND, not only are we pushing the Superpipe right now so we can test out our new Zaugg pipe cutter but we are building the top half of the park as well.  We plan on opening the top half of the main park for Sunday with 7 jibs and a couple jumps.  Come check it out.


What a amazing day here at Loon. After yesterday's snowfall, the mountain has been replenished with a delicious layer of groomed powder,  and unveiling smiles mountain wide. Little Sister is open again with a dueling jump and rail lines, ideal for honing your shred efforts. The forecast for the upcoming days shows more white gold, and that can only lead to more fun. Join us and get your shred on.


Pushing the dude tube for the next couple days.  The new Zaugg cutter arrives Thursday.  We are also going to finish up snowmaking in the top of the park and going to get that fully open ASAP.  Check back daily for updates but its not far away.  -Management-


Little Sister park is open and looking pretty.  Tom finished grooming it minutes ago.  The double jump line looks real nice with a hip option on the second jump.  Plus we added a double down feature set up.  Come check it out.  -Management-


Snowing with no stop in sight.  Weather reports are calling for up to 12" of fresh.  Maybe I will break out my new swallowtail.  Oh and Supa Grooma was has been up in Little Sister working on the trail and building a wicked bootah.  -Management-


As I awoke this morning, my first glance out my window revealed what I could expect when arriving at the mountain. Soon, I found myself slashing what the sky had provided. If I had to guess, I'd call it anywhere between 2 - 6 inches of new snow, but any new cover feels great underneath my stick today. The park continues to grow, as does my anticipation of friends arriving home for the holidays, excited and hungry for the gnar. Come Get Some.....
Avert Guldemond


Before it even began....  Shane "the shanesaw" Nassar stabbed the motha.  Congrats.  Come see me Shane, I owe you something cool.  In other news--- Snowmaking continues in all of our parks.  Look for some new goods this weekend. [hint... there will be jumps]   -Management-



DANG! Backside 180 over dead man's gap. First one of the season.  Pete Brinkerhoff from Red Bull USA stabbed the motha.  Nothing better than seeing the first one of the year.  Challenge… I challenge all of you to find this infamous water bar gap and back 360 it.  First one to document such a maneuver will win something cool from the park staff.  Proof needed of course.  If you don’t know where Dead Man's Gap is located I ain't tellin you. T.P.D.


Wednesday was another epic bluebird adventure here at Loon. With the temperature hovering around the 30s, the slopes seemed almost perfect as I dragged my hand with every toeside slash. The current park setups remain the same, the "Formerly Known As" setup in place, as well as the dueling flatboxes, complete with skiers walking the line like groups of penquins marching their way across the tundra. As you ride the Gondola to the summit, eyes light up in anticipation for the coming park, the preview strewn in every direction around LMP shaper shack below. Sharpen your Gnar Knife and Come Shred with us. You wont regret it.
T.P.S.A/DJ Scrumptious
Avert Guldemond


"The Contest Formerly Known As.."  Take two goes down tonight.  The course is primed and ready for riders to get radical on!  Registration is from 3-4 in the Octagon and the jam starts at 5. 


We're open top to bottom, so what are you waiting for? Time to get ready for The Event Formerly Known As... Nov. 28 + 29. We will have jibs on the hill for Sunday am.  on Little Sister.


We continue to be in full production at the Shaping Shack! Seeing that all of the leafs have fallen from the trees, it's now crunch time. Won't be long before we have snow on the hill! Opening day is the 21st, as long as, cold weather comes in, and “The Contest Formerly Known As... kicks off on the 28th!! Get your snow sticks ready and go get your New England Pass!!


Burning the old park entrance in the rain today.  Heck Yah.  Almost done the Boyne Higlands Jibs.  Next will be Sugarloaf's jibs, two weeks in michigan for Boyne Mountain, then more Loon jibs.

9.4.08 - BUSY.

Finishing up some of the Loon stuff so the guys can start working on building new jibs for some of our sister resorts.  We got a good 2 months of that.  But dont worry.  We have allready completeley rebuilt 4 old jibs and built 2 new ones with at least that many more to come.  We just put a rubber roof on top of the wallride.  If you ever have to put a rubber roof down somewhere, just ask us, we are pro's now.   The old main park entrance has been demolished and the new one is in the 2nd stage of construction.  New power has been run all the way up the main park so we can use fan guns to bring the best park in the east to you faster.  Oh... and when the October issue of Transworld comes out... Yeah you are gonna wanna see the goods.

8.11.08 - Rain Again...

More cutting, welding, and grinding MORE NEW JIBS. NICE. keep an eye on the EB site. You might see something you like.

8.09.08 - Hey there!

Hope everyone is having a good summer. How about a little park update? Lots of rain up here. We just lost the last bit of snow in the park 3 weeks ago. That's easily the longest there has been snow on hill since the last ice age. We have been real busy. Even though the last thing on all your minds is snow, we long ago started are winter preparations. Lots of big stuff for next year. New 18' Zaugg stunt-ditch cutter. Some new parks in bigger and better locations. Loon's big park movie release. New website on its way. Cutting apart a lot of old rails and boxes to make way more better ones. Plus we bought over 5 Gs in new steal to build more new stuff. Don't want to spoil it for you but this will be the biggest unveiling of new jibs Loon has ever seen. We will get some pics up soon, so start your guessing. For the rest of the summer we will try and keep you updated as much as possible on all the goings on around here. For now do us a favor and check out the September issue of Transworld Snowboarding and read the Angry Interns article. It is so dead on. Please make note and start putting some thought into you style for next winter.

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