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Serious Fun Guide

Safety Tips

Ski and Snowboard Safety Tips

  • Take Care of Yourself 
  • Skiing and riding are much more fun if you're in shape. Stick to a regular exercise schedule and reap the benefits on the mountain.
  • Stay hydrated. Cold, dry weather can leave you dehydrated, which will make you even colder. Take regular breaks and drink plenty of water.
  • Go easy on the alcohol. While a beer or two will make you feel all warm and tingly, you're actually losing heat from the surface of your skin at an accelerated rate. It's only a matter of time until you become cold and dehydrated. 
  • Wear sunscreen. With bright sunshine reflecting off white snow, you can get a pretty nasty sunburn - even in the middle of winter. 
  • If you're tired, take a break. You'll stay fresh and minimize the risk of injury.

    Wear the Right Stuff 
  • Dress in layers. That way, you can add or subtract clothing depending on how you feel. Wear a moisture-wicking layer (like polypropylene) next to your skin, a sweater as a mid-layer, and a jacket and ski pants for an outer layer.
  • Wear goggles or sunglasses. It's not fun skiing through a snowstorm without goggles, or snowboarding on a sunny spring day without sunglasses. Give your eyes a break.
  • Wear a hat and gloves. Your mom told you to always wear a hat and gloves in the cold, and she was right. You'll protect yourself from frostbite and make mom happy.

    Stay Safe 
  • Take a lesson! You can only improve so much by yourself, so learn from a pro. You'll be surprised at how much you'll improve in just one lesson.
  • Know your limits. If you venture into terrain that's over your head, you'll endanger yourself and others. Stick to trails you can handle, and gradually push yourself as you learn new skills.
  • Always ski or ride in control. Take it easy out there. 

WARNING: Loon Mountain invites its guests to ski and ride only within the maintained boundaries of its slopes and trails. Unmarked hazards and obstacles do exist outside the maintained slopes and trails. In addition, snowmaking and snow grooming operations are routinely in progress on slopes and trails. Please keep a safe distance!