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Serious Fun Guide

Knee Safety

How to Help Avoid ACL Injuries

Avoid High Risk Behavior

  • Don't fully straighten your legs when you fall. Keep your knees flexed.
  • Don't try to get up until you've stopped sliding. When you're down, stay down if you are injured in any way and call for assistance from Ski Patrol.
  • Don't land on your hand. Keep your arms up and forward.
  • Don't jump unless you know where and how to land. Land on both skis and keep your knees flexed.

Routinely Use Correct Skiing Technique

  • Maintain balance and control
  • Keep hips above knees
  • Keep arms forward

Recognize Potentially Dangerous Situations
Ski technique warning signs:

  • Uphill arm back
  • Off-balance to the rear
  • Hips below the knees
  • Uphill ski unweighted
  • Weight on inside edge of downhill ski tail
  • Upper body generally facing downhill ski

Respond quickly and effectively to potentially dangerous situations:

  • Arms forward
  • Feet together
  • Hands over skis