Girl in mud on mud run course Man crawling under wires on obstacle course
2016 Monster Mud Run

July 9, 2016

Over 20 Obstacles

5k of Pure NH Grit

Live Music

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Monster Mud Run Course Description

Here's what other Monster Mudders had to endure - but don't get too comfortable with this list. The 2016 Monster Mud Run at Loon Mountain will to test your commitment to filth in creative and exciting new ways. Swimming may be involved in certain obstacles. Please be aware that you may skip obstacles if you do not feel comfortable or are uncertain that you can complete them safely.

Lincoln Logs - Loon was once the home of several 19th century logging camps - perfect inspiration for this obstacle, which has racers crawl over and under a series of logs in quick succession. Nose deep in mud, of course.

Cat Walk - Less than a quarter-mile into the race, runners climb up and over one of Loon's blue shuttle buses. Nothing like climbing a huge school bus to start your day.

Sadistic Slalom - Hike over rocks and through thick brush as you ascend the mountain - directly under the steep Kissin' Cousins lift.

Strange Cargo - Climb up and over a cargo net, just like in fourth grade gym class. Except now you're old and tired.

Wall Puzzle - How to scale a wall with barely-there handholds? Dunno. That's for you to figure out.

Septic Slide - Get down and dirty on Lower Picked Rock, crawling through muddy culverts as snowguns soak you to the bone.

Monkey Bars - Reach for the sky as you make your way across a set of monkey bars made slick by the spray from a high-powered snowmaking gun. Lose your grip, and you'll sink up to your shins in mud.

Sweaty Sandbox - After crawling through a dark culvert, you'll have to crawl through a pit full of sand - sand you'll be picking out of your hair and nostrils for days.

The Superpuke - In the winter, it's New Hampshire's only Superpipe. Come summer, it's New Hampshire's only Superpuke. We'll let you use your imagination with this one.

Snowmaking Boot Camp - A favorite among past racers, you'll carry a 20-foot snowmaking hose up a ski trail, through drenching snowmaking guns, and under barbed wire. Compared to what real snowmakers go through every winter, this is easy.

Little Sister Warzone - Hey, more mud! We'll make you crawl 100 feet through a tricky maze of hay bales and mud - just because we're awesome like that.

Babe's Flea Bath  - Cool off by swimming 20 yards across our frigid snowmaking pond. Fed entirely by an ice-cold mountain stream, this obstacle is seriously, ridiculously cold. If this obstacle is too intense, you can skip it. We won't tell. 

Horse Barn Hurdles - We have a horse barn, and we're not afraid to use it. With legs still stiff from the ice-cold Babe's Flea Bath, you'll have a heck of a time jumping up and over a dozen or so chest-high horse stalls. Good luck!

Bear Claw Forest - Black bears are known to prowl this forested section of the course, where you'll have to make your way through a tangled forest of bungee cords.

Muddy Falls  - Wash off the mud as you clamber over a waterfall hidden deep in the woods.

Plunge of Paul Bunyan - As you near the finish line, take a ride on the biggest slip-and-slide you've ever seen. This monster will rocket you 100 feet down a 25-degree slope before spitting you out on the grass.

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