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New England Disabled Sports Program

Enjoy terrific skiing with New England Disabled Sports at Loon Mountain. New England Disabled Sports is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to making snowsports accessible to all. 

As the New England chapter of Disabled Sports USA, we provide year-round recreation activities to people with disabilities. In winter, our highly-trained coaches guide guests ages four and older in the snowsport of their choice. Whether you're a beginner or expert interested in skiingsnowboardingsnowshoeingcross-country skiing, or biathlon, we have the coach for you! 
In addition to winter sports, we've expanded our spring, summer, and fall programs to include water skiingcyclingkayaking and hiking

Reservations are strongly recommended. Our dedicated crew of 160 volunteers teach more than 2,300 lessons during the winter to people with disabilities. Volunteer coaches come from all over New England to work with participants whose disabilities are both cognitive and physical. New England Disabled Sports is also home of the National Disabled Ski Hall of Fame. The Hall is open during regular business hours. Stop in to see this unique piece of disabled skiing history.

In addition to the traditional ski lessons, NEDS also runs the New England Disabled Ski Team. The New England Disabled Ski Team is a group of disabled athletes who have been bitten by the racing bug. The team is comprised of young, up-and-coming racers and elite-level skiers who have competed in past Paralympics.

The PAC (Pre-Adaptive Coach) Program is a unique program for kids ages 14-18 who want to become volunteer coaches. The "PAC" is limited to 20 kids who must apply and interview to be accepted into this choice program. Kids from the "PAC" are teamed with veteran volunteer coaches who teach these students a variety of skills used when working with disabled skiers.

New England Disabled Sports has a spacious new 4,800-square-foot home. An addition built onto the Children's Center now serves as the center for our activities. This new space allows the program to store more equipment, provides better access for participants and visitors, and opens up more indoor space for both students and coaches to prepare for lessons.

New England Disabled Sports at Loon is a PSIA-E member school as well as a member of Disabled Sports USA. Please call our offices at (603) 745-6281 ext.5663, or email to:

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